Friday, April 3, 2009

Behold the turtle: He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out. --James Bryant Conant

I've had this blog ready to go for some time, but "time" is always getting in the way of starting. And since that's never going to change, something has to - so that will be me.  It's here we go....
I'd like to introduce my wonderful dogs, who contribute daily to my ability to stay grounded. They are my therapy, my comic relief, my dose of reality, my inspiration, and my lessons in life. I'd also like to thank Janice DeMello for breeding and placing my dogs with me.  I couldn't have asked for better partners.
Reason is a 9 year old black tri Border Collie.  He is my soul mate and sometimes I swear he knows me better than I know myself.  He is my partner in obedience, herding, and agility and he performs all of them with an incredible amount of enthusiasm and determination.  He is also my main help to sort and hold the sheep when they need shearing, medications, and various other chores.
Reason is a very talented obedience dog.  There is nothing better than going into the obedience ring with him as a partner.  The joy on his face when he is heeling, retrieving, jumping or performing any of the other obedience exercises is contagious and I feel priviledged every time we enter the ring together.  Looking into that little graying face as he awaits my commands - just makes me want time to stand still.
Reason introduced me to the wonderful world of agility and I am forever grateful for this new adventure.  Most people learn agility with slower dogs.  Reason does not do anything slow and agility is no exception. There is nothing more exhilerating than running a course together with my powerhouse, "Little Boy".
Score, a 4 year old black and white Border Collie, is the middle child in our house.  He is closely related to Reason as they have the same sire, Scheme and Reason's mother, Static, is Score's grandmother.  While Reason looks nothing like Scheme, Score looks like his Daddy's twin.  I just love his expressive face with his head that tilts as he tries to interpret what you are telling him. Score is an effortless runner.  He can power up to speed and run for a long distance and not even be breathing hard.
Score is doing some great things in agility -trialing in USDAA Masters and closing in on his MACH in AKC agility.  He qualified for USDAA & AKC 
Nationals this year, but I decided to trial closer to home.
Next year we are definitely going to Tulsa for the 2010 Nationals.
Score is also developing the skills and becoming great herding dog.  He has a great feel for his stock and the tougher the sheep, the better he is - he loves a challenge and he rises to all that I have presented to him. I'm looking forward to enjoying many successful years with Score in herding, agility, and even possibly obedience.  
In May of 2008, I couldn't resist bringing in the newest member of my family, Schema.  Schema is a black tri granddaughter of Reason and Score's sire.  She is out of a bitch, Posh, that I loved immediately when Jan decided to keep her.  My word to describe Posh when I first saw her was "stunning" as she reminds me of Static. Schema's sire is a powerful and talented dog, Bezel, who has the most incredible contacts I have ever seen.
Schema is an amazing little girl, who has a great work ethic and has a lot of natural talent working stock.  She is very athletic, determined, and yet she is very biddable and sweet.  I love watching her run as she is such a powerful, yet efficient and graceful runner.  I can envision that her jumping style will be very similar.
I've been working on a lot of foundation obedience and agility work with her and she just loves it all.  I'm excited for the new things we will learn as we grow together as a team.
That's a brief introduction to my dogs.  If you want to read more about me, you can read it here.

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