Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reason's Relatives

In the past, I didn't think that Reason looked anything like either his dam, Static (bred by Edgar Gould) or his sire, Scheme (bred by Red Oliver).  Here is a photo of Static (lower left) and Scheme (upper right). Scheme is also Score's sire and Score looks identical to his handsome Daddy.

When Reason's breeder, Jan DeMello went back to her home area in Massachusetts a few years back, she visited with her long time friend, Edgar Gould while she worked dogs and watched some of his dogs working. Edgar was no longer trialing, but he still had Static's sire, Craig and Jan sent me some photos of Craig working. I thought that Reason looked like his paternal grandfather, Craig.

What Reason inherited from both of his parents was their work ethic, intensity, and longevity in being able to perform. Static went to live with Sharon Ferguson when she was 7 years old. Jan knew that Static would excel in obedience and Sharon loved trialing in obedience. Static was an awesome obedience partner for Sharon - competing until she was over 13 years of age and achieving a UDX3. Static died when she was over 16 years of age after living a very full life of herding, obedience, and agility (never competed, but was trained on all the obstacles).

What prompted me to write this blog entry? Sharon Ferguson sent me a photo of Static heeling at the age of 11 years. When I looked at that photo, I couldn't believe how much she looked like Reason heeling. I remember watching Jan working Static in obedience when they lived in Indiana and Static was such a cute heeling dog. Now looking at the both of them, I can see that although he doesn't have her markings he does look more like Static than I thought.

Here is a photo of Static heeling with Sharon at 11 years of age:

Here is a photo of me heeling with Reason in Open B (where won the class and took HIT):

Here is photo of Static working stock:

Here is a photo of Reason working stock:

I can't keep Reason out of the water as he is an incredible swimmer and absolutely LOVES to dive off the dock at my parents lake home. He will retrieve the bumper tossed into the water, then swim back to shore and drop in on the dock as he runs up to the end and takes a leap back into the water waiting for the next round. Here is a photo of Static diving into a pool:

Static had an attitude about her. She was a control freak and wouldn't let any of the other dogs do what she felt was bothersome. Reason has that trait in him as well and along with that controlling air about him, he also inherited her trademark "smile". Reason uses this when he feels a dog is getting too close to him and he also puts on his best smile when there is a ball on the floor that someone is going to kick towards him.

Thanks Sharon for sending me that photo and thanks to Jan for blessing my life with such an amazing boy.


  1. great dogs, great pictures and wonderful memories!

  2. I love these pics of the foundation dogs of our puppies. I love seeing where Venture got his looks from.

    Thanks for the great post, Nancy.


  3. The photo of Static and Reason heeling by their respective owners is uncanny! Their positions could be super imposed on top of each other. And both appear to love the one they're with!

  4. How awesome is that! Dogs doing what the LOVE to do!

  5. Loved your post Nancy. Carol &l out to Jan's house in Somis for fun filled weekends of training, Carol would do obedience and herding, I would do agility with Scheme. I loved watching Static, she was quite the Queen Mother. The pictures are uncanny of heeling and working stock of mother and son.