Thursday, July 21, 2011

Consistency In Life and In Training

As I “grow up”, I find myself no longer wanting to fight, correct, defend, promote, or be apart of any type of life drama. The only "drama" I enjoy is the drama between me and my dogs as I run a course with them (Thanks to Tracy Sklenar for coining that term and helping me with that "drama" on course).

I've made many changes in my life over the years and have been able to gradually eliminate or add things into my life to support my wanted lifestyle. Some of the many things on this list of changes includes: 

  • no longer turning on the television
  • no longer reading the newspaper
  • never watching a video (or reading something) that looks to be sad, gruesome, or scary  (I would never click on a video that is described as "disgusting or horrible").
  • no longer "fight" for any "cause"
  • listening only to music on the radio (no talk or commercials)
  • never respond to negative talk
  • allow others to have opinions
  • not feeling the need to defend anything that I am doing (this one is the hardest for me and I am constantly working on it) 
  • acknowledging and appreciating things or events that are fun and pleasing
  • having the ability to look or walk away from unwanted things (accidents on the road, gossipy conversation next to me)

This is a work in progress and I am not perfect, but I am definitely improving. I feel it's important to be consistent in both life and in training and the more I go this direction, the more I am finding I love it and want to continue to live this way. Living life like this and training like this is just more fun and more fulfilling for me. I am sure that some people might feel that I have lost my mind. But I think I have actually found it.


  1. It's hard, but worth it, huh?

  2. Ami, I can only speak for myself - it is DEFINITELY worth it for me. Lots of time savers and it most definitely helps my mental state.