Saturday, July 9, 2011

Keeping Up

Summer time in Minnesota sure makes it difficult for me to sit down at my computer and keep up on Facebook and my own blog. Lots of reading, relaxing, training, teaching lessons, and taking lessons. It's so much fun taking lessons with Terry Smorch as he always has practice courses built for FCI Worlds practice with Presto. Way too much fun and so good for both Schema and me.

Score has been critter hunting and batting around the handle-less horse Jolly ball in the back yard (handles removed because Schema is dangerous to herself and everyone around her when she has hold of the handle and is beating the ground and herself with it). Between finding chipmunks, moles, frogs, large toads as well as very teeny/tiny almost impossible to see toads, and now he is obsessed with dragonflies - he is easily entertained. 
A new obsession - dragonflies

What is so funny about the dogs is the simple pleasures they find to entertain themselves. 

Jolly Ball TIME!

Schema taking that handle-less Jolly ball down

Total ecstasy

Ya can''t get away from me!

Holes where the handle used to be. No one gets hurt, now.

And of course, Score has the ball that Schema doesn't want today (until it looks like he's having too much fun)

Score always plays with his Jolly ball by pushing it up against me

Then when they've gotten enough exercise, they look so happy.
On the deck, satisfied after play
Except that Schema is never done or satisfied...let's zoom in and see what she is doing....
Yep...that's the way she looks when she wants someone to come out the door
If it stays this hot, I think tomorrow we will go swimming, otherwise if it's cool we'll do some training or maybe just another day in the back yard reading and letting the dogs play with their Jolly balls. So many decisions.

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  1. Tazer loves his jolly ball, and he does whack himself with it when he grabs the handle. He also whacks my legs and whatever/whoever else is in the way. It's funny to watch, and I should probably get a series of photos of him going nuts. Taking the handle off is a good idea!